Training Services

We provide professional training.

We also offer cost effective, bespoke training packages for companies in the UK and across the EU on all types of contracts including those of AIC, GAFTA and FOSFA.

These can take an agreed format and be arranged for individuals with any type of experience; for those first entering into the agricultural commodity industry or those with more experience who might benefit from more of an understanding of, for example, Sale of Goods Act 1979 or bills of lading, shipping problems and how to prevent them, arbitration procedure and practice. We also cater for and can give training to arbitral institutions on arbitration procedure and the routine training of arbitrators.

We are able to tailor training sessions to your particular requirements taking into account cost, your requirements, time and experience of those being trained.

We can provide annual training on AIC contracts as recommended by AIC.

Philip is a regular speaker at the FOSFA Basic Course and the FOSFA Middle Manager’s Course.

One primary function of training is to update staff, who might consist of trading, forwarding and administration roles, on relevant contract terms (new, amended or in existence) case law and relevant trade practice that they regularly use. These updates can relate to recent case law for example the recent case in common law damages from Bunge SA v Nidera SA [2015].

Ideally, all staff involved in trading and forwarding should show some training has been given on the principles which underlay any incorporated terms and conditions to show understanding of contract terms – in doing so may strengthen market position and will ensure that all staff operate from a position of strength in “knowing their stuff”.