Consultancy Services

In addition we offer consultancy.

In addition to the being appointed as an arbitrator or a case representative, we additionally provide consultancy services. These services are often retained by clients who use our expertise, in for example, drafting terms and conditions for their purchases and sales, or maybe studying documentary instructions or terms or contracts to ensure that any contractual position is not affirmed or waived.

We may also be instructed, and have been in past cases, by companies who wish to update their HACCP plans in accordance with trade assurance as well as providing pre-audit checks for accreditation audits, drafting terms and conditions for specific storage and marketing contracts for buyers of UK Milling Wheat and Malting Barley or feed goods.

Other scenarios can be related to the sale of goods and these include providing clients with advice over the rejection of imported wheat into

the UK; providing farmer clients with advice and issuing a subsequent claim for damages in an AIC arbitration; the preparation of submissions for a UK agricultural merchant in an AIC arbitration; a contract dispute involving alleged imported GMO animal feed.

These are just a few of the cases where we have been involved with positive outcomes for our clients. We have also acted in the past as an expert witness both in AIC and GAFTA disputes and have been active in the drafting and the amendment of arbitration rules for arbitral institutions.

Among our clients are growers, traders, millers, maltsters, brewers, shippers, farmers cooperatives, land Agents, food and beverage manufacturers, insurance companies, storage facilities and lawyers.