Dispute Resolve Services

Specialists in Commercial Dispute Resolution

When a dispute develops, it can be daunting.

It can be more daunting where a party, although knowing the nature of the dispute, does not have any experience of resolution, the procedure and the likely costs entailed.

The first piece of advice is to act early, allowing either party to mitigate, quantify and evaluate the strength of the claim and which procedure to apply. Telephone or email us via the “get in touch” page for an immediate response.

Our involvement is in the settlement of commercial disputes by Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) rather than by parties having to resort to law.

We can act as a trade representative to represent parties in the drafting, documentation and presentation of claim or response submissions in disputes involving these trade rules of arbitration and appeal. We can also act as arbitrator or appoint a mediator to resolve disputes.

We can advise on any contractual dispute and specifically under the rules of:

GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association)

FOSFA (Federation of Oils, Seeds and Fats Associations)

AIC (Agricultural Industries Confederation)

BPTA (British Potato Trade Association)

We regularly handle disputes from farmers, merchants, shippers in a wide range and differing variety.

Where a dispute of a small monetary value exists, we can be appointed as an impartial and independent sole arbitrator to determine the dispute and to publish a binding award.

Our rules for these types of arbitration can be found here.

Please email us for pricing structure for the claim involved; we will always try to ensure that the cost of the arbitration will not be disproportionate to the size of the claim.