Welcome to Philip Noyce Associates

PHILIP NOYCE ASSOCIATES is an independent, private practice offering cost effective and pragmatic advice on commodity contracts and dispute resolution in agricultural commodities particularly those incorporating AIC, GAFTA and FOSFA terms.

PHILIP NOYCE ASSOCIATES is owned and managed by Philip Noyce who has over 25 years experience in the commodity trade after being employed by agricultural merchants and shippers in the UK.

The practice retains a personal touch which is much apart from the corporate world. Our approach means that we are always committed to a high level of quality service, adopting new strategy enabling us to adapt to modern pressures and demands within the sector. The practice was developed from the initial idea from Peter Brown.

Specialists in Commercial Dispute Resolution

Client communication is important to us.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of Commercial Dispute Resolutions


Arbitration is a formal, private and binding process where disputes are resolved by a final award made by one or more independent arbitrators.


Consultancy services include drafting terms and conditions for purchases and sales, studying documentary instructions or terms or contracts to ensure that any contractual position is not affirmed or waived.

Dispute Resolve

It can be more daunting where a party, although knowing the nature of the dispute, does not have any experience of resolution, the procedure and the likely costs entailed.


We offer cost effective, bespoke training packages for companies in the UK and across the EU on all types of contracts including those of AIC, GAFTA and FOSFA.